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Temperature Controller

Here are our picked Temperature Controller manufacturers and suppliers. Please check the links below to obtain more information, e-catelog and video about these temperature controllers providers.


    P100 series -- State of the art design of PID temperature controller. First generation with LCD display in Arico made temperature controller. Multi-national patents approved. Equipped with super value functions such as current indication/RS485 communication/re-transmission to satisfy your needs toward high end temperature controller.

    At Gin-Dai Precision Technology Co., Ltd. online catalog, you are able to obtain the latest product information and specification of chiller, heat pump water heater, industrial dehumidifier, blown film cooler, acid washing machine, oil cooler, water cooler, temperature controller, cooling tower, chiller system, air chiller and water chiller.

    YU TING Refrigerator is a team of professionals that stresses the importance of earnestness and keen sense of responsibility. We are the expert of air cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, mold temperature controller, industrial dehumidifier and cooling towers; our products are CE certified and easy to operate.

  • Tempco Electric Heater Corp.
    Tempco Electric Heater Corp. work across our organization from research and development department, through the factory floor, to the service and support function continuously bring you the excellent qualilty of temperature controllers, power control panels and instrumentation.

  • Laurel Electronics, Inc.
    Laurel Electronics, Inc. will be accountable to customers and dedicate their work efforts toward achieving a high level of customer care and satisfaction. All the products related to temperature are produced to the same standards of the highest quality and truly reliability.

  • Weiss Instruments, Inc.
    Through Weiss Instruments, Inc. expertise in sensing and control technology, we enable manufacturers to operate with productivity and streamlined efficiency. We have grown into a modern, dynamic company that is a world leader in temperature controller products.


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